About me

Hi I’m Claire Kelly, an integrative counsellor. I offer one to one counselling sessions for adults and young people age 11-18 years in person and online. My in person practice is in Street, Somerset.

I have always valued meeting other people in the space of compassionate enquiry, unconditional acceptance and stillness. And I love exploring what gets underneath our skin, what lies inside, at the root, in the bones, in our hearts. I am moved by assisting the truth spread its wings and fly. I feel connection to my humanness when i immerse myself in stories, both personal and archetypal and I am passionate about the process of reclaiming our freedom.

  • I’m a register member of BACP (British council of counsellors & psychotherapists)
  • I run a private counselling practice
  • I was a counsellor for SWEDA (Somerset & Wessex Eating Disorders Association) 2019 – 2021. I have completed working with Eating Disorders CPD
  • I’m trained in Therapeutic Counselling CPCAB Level 2, 3 & 4 diplomas (graduate of the acclaimed Sweet Track psycho-spiritual counselling school in Glastonbury)
  • I have completed nine weekends of CPD in working with Counselling Children & Young People. I have a current up to date DBS certificate.
  • I have completed CPD Advanced Master Program on the Treatment of Trauma
  • I am a certified EFT practitioner
  • I have CPD in safe guarding, mental health awareness and data security, and I am registered with ICO.
  • I’m a Priestess of Rhiannon (I’m trained in creating & holding ceremony and rites of passage for blessing-ways, births, marriages, divorces, deaths and all manner of major life events)
  • I am a holistic therapist & bodyworker
  • I’m informed by 30 years of personal growth work attending workshops, classes, courses & festivals exploring authentic self, spirituality and whole-self wellbeing.
  • I’m informed by 28 years of parenting & grandparenting developing awareness around the developmental needs of child, teen and adult in order to live fully as the authentic whole self. I’m hugely grateful to the lifecoaching that this initiated in me.

In my therapy practice I am constantly developing a holistic trauma-informed approach to wellbeing. Current influences include Compassionate Enquiry (Gabor Mate), Psychosynthesis (Robert Assagioli), Internal family systems (Dr. Robert Swartz), Transactional analysis (Eric Berne), Jungian storytelling (Clarissa Pinkola Estes), Polyvagal theory (Dr. Stephen Porges), & Eco-therapy (Theodore Roszak), to name a few. This enquiry into theory and practice grows in response to what my clients bring.

I have a diverse perspective that fully includes a relationship to the trans-personal, the bigger picture, the spiritual world. I found myself living at a Tibetan Budhist Centre at 22 years old asking the bigger questions and have taken the squiggly route through my personal and professional life since then.

So give a flavour of this – I’ve been a theatre performer, reiki and crystal healer, massage therapist, bodyworker, developed a therapeutic aromatherapy range, co-created a herbs and superfoods business, raised a family, explored my humanity and spirituality and then came to counselling.

I think this life training helps me meet you in your diversity and support you to be truly absolutely uniquely your true authentic self.

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About Me

I’m a grandmother, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, guardian of this beautiful planet earth and gardener of the soul. I’m curious about the more difficult pathways of being alive, firstly because my personal experience is one of great challenge but also because culturally I believe we are in an age of grieving and our collective need to meet difficulty is indeed growing. I’m all about stepping up and stepping in.

I came to the work of counselling after many years of compassionate enquiry into the nature of human suffering. I began meditation and the pursuit of understanding the human psyche in order to find some answers. My own personal life traumas honed my ability to tolerate suffering and find a place of safety, personal responsibility and then some choice leading to empowerment. Its a never ending circle really of ego death into birth of insight. This spiritual focused journey is my bedrock of holding clear path counselling sessions.