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Hi I’m Claire Kelly, an integrative counsellor. I offer one to one private counselling sessions for adults and young people from my cabin in Street, Somerset and also online counselling sessions, which means you can literally live anywhere in the same time zone. Additionally I also offer walk and talk therapy out in a nature setting.

Integrative counselling means I draw upon different therapeutic approaches and blend them together. I do this whilst holding a spiritual or whole-self perspective so that you can explore all the different and sometimes conflicting parts of yourself including your connection to a power greater than little self.

This can be whatever is transpersonal for you, and can include your religious beliefs, or your connection to nature, or maybe simply your connection to your dreams. We work in a person-centered way, exploring & crafting how best we can work together, to gently access your inner world.

Why counselling?

Do you need a safe space to address what isn’t working in your life? Are you or someone you love going through a difficult time? Are you looking for a more fulfilling connection or deeper understanding of yourself? These are some of the reasons that people come to counselling.

Counselling can help with both chronic and acute common mental health issues. So maybe you are experiencing grief of a loved one or a loss or transition in your life that is a natural part of life but you really need some help in processing and making sense of this. Or maybe you have a longer term condition such as an eating disorder, anxiety, depression or post traumatic stress that is just making life too difficult and you need help untangling. Maybe you have had a diagnosis of a mental health condition such BPD, or ADHD or another potentially confusing acronym and you need space to make sense of what this means to you. Often our un processed distress can play out in our relationships, so maybe you need to deconstruct your ways of relating and explore your attachment styles. Or maybe you are ready to explore your own sexuality, creativity or spirituality more deeply and need a safe space to give containment to this ever unfolding journey of self- knowledge.

What is Integrative counselling?

As an integrative counsellor I take a holistic perspective on wellbeing and with deep listening and awareness of the body mind relationship we can explore your inner landscape together and find out what is going on. This might include exploring your memories of childhood, or connecting more deeply with what is going on for you right now in the present. It might involve learning to recognise what you are feeling, or regulate your nervous systems responses. We might use creative tools like letter writing, journaling or making art to explore your story and make space to express how you are feeling, or how you felt when difficult things were happening in the past.

About the counselling journey

In the counselling space we are often reclaiming parts ourselves that got lost or buried, and reorganizing parts of us that might have been coping or managing our lives, but maybe not in the best way. We might be discovering layers of unexpressed trauma but also remembering our true authentic core self that can bring strength and resources.

This growing awareness of self can lead to acceptance, or transformation and change, but whatever the outcome it can help you develop the inner witness and this mindfulness can bring new perspective and a greater sense of being present in your own life.

Time to clear the path?

So many of us are so deeply lacking in acknowledgement and airspace for our true authentic self, and our lives have become an assault course of other peoples agendas, or even our own unrealistic expectations of ourselves. The counselling space is about gentle enquiry into this tangled ball of wool, and upon discovery clients often ask “what do I do now?” But somehow the simplicity of shining a light on these internal conflicts and really being heard and seen can begin to change the picture.

Counselling acknowledges that you are your own expert and all the answers lie within but sometimes we just need to clear the path to find our truth, authenticity, meaning and response to our life.

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“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” Dalai Lama

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