Are you looking to start counselling?

Hi I’m Claire Kelly, an integrative counsellor. I offer one to one counselling sessions for adults and young people age 11-18 years in person and online. My in person practice is in Street, Somerset.

Time to clear the path?

Are you struggling to be your true self, is your life an assault course of other peoples agendas, or even your own unrealistic expectations of yourself? Are you stuck in the place of anxiety, depression, unprocessed feelings and experiences? Has your life become unmanageable?

The counselling space is an opportunity to enquire into this tangled ball of wool, and shine a light on these internal conflicts, whilst being acknowledged and listened to.

Counselling acknowledges that you are your own expert and all the answers lie within and together we will clear the path to find more of your truth, authenticity, purpose and meaning. We will excavate your inner wisdom and innate skills to deal with life’s challenges a bit differently.

What happens in a Clear path counselling session?

As an integrative Counsellor, I weave together a mix of therapy styles in response to what you might need as a client.  However, you are at the center of that, and I’m here to listen deeply and help you unpick your inner knowing and wellbeing. 

We may start with a bottom up approach, using somatic exercises such as a breathing practice, a body scan or our inner eye to get a sense of the body. Sometimes we might develop this into a creative visualisation with a story that links body and unconscious mind. This can help you develop self-awareness and find different ways to tune into yourself and your needs.

We might make some art together such as a mask exploring your inner & outer world, or we could create a memory box together to honour a chapter of your life. This personal expression can help make sense of life’s more traumatic events and give them a space & place to be.

We can go outside into to nature and walk & talk or use a natural space to ritualise your story or express bigger feelings.  Nature is a great place to process difficult feelings and to bring context and meaning to life’s events.
We might use letter writing, poetry, or journaling to support your developing self-awareness, personal expression and relationship with yourself.

However, all of this will come out of a space for you to talk and we will build a therapeutic relationship. The therapeutic relationship is a safe space filled with unconditional positive regard for you wherever you are at. 

Why counselling?

Life not running smoothly, difficult behavior, addictions, anxiety, not feeling ok, feeling unregulated – too sad, happy, numb, intrusive thoughts, sleep disturbances. We might ask “What’s going on?”

Traumatic events in the past or present that are signaling to you that they need your attention. We might ask “What do you need to resolve this trauma?”

Dealing with a mental health condition or neurodiversity. We might ask “What does this mean and what support do I need to thrive and not just survive”?

Normal life events such as loss of a loved one, we might ask “What am I feeling and what do I need?”

So, I’m inviting you to reach out if this resonates for you. I work in relationship to the bigger picture, whatever this might be for you. I can embrace your difference and diversity and meet you in your world. Together we can explore and whether we arrive at acceptance or change, its about you doing & being you. 

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“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” Dalai Lama

About Me

I’m a grandmother, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, guardian of this beautiful planet earth and gardener of the soul. I’m curious about the more difficult pathways of being alive, firstly because my personal experience is one of great challenge but also because culturally I believe we are in an age of grieving and our collective need to meet difficulty is indeed growing. I’m all about stepping up and stepping in.

I came to the work of counselling after many years of compassionate enquiry into the nature of human suffering. I began meditation and the pursuit of understanding the human psyche in order to find some answers. My own personal life traumas honed my ability to tolerate suffering and find a place of safety, personal responsibility and then some choice leading to empowerment. Its a never ending circle really of ego death into birth of insight. This spiritual focused journey is my bedrock of holding clear path counselling sessions.